280gr vialone nano rice

2 leeks

100gr butter

2 lt broth

0.5 lt bardolino novello (red wine)

80gr morlacco del grappa, medium seasoning (cheese)

0.5 lt cherry vinegar

100gr parmesan

10gr honey

qb salt and pepper

Cooking method

Simmer the honey until it is caramelized, add the cherry vinegar and let it reduce to the consistency of the honey so as to obtain a tasty glaze. In another pan put 50gr of butter and melt it, add the washed and dried leeks. Let them dry out so that they take on color, add the rice and toast it, add the red wine and continue cooking with the broth. At the end of cooking, adjust with salt and pepper, add the Parmesan and the remaining butter with the Morlacco cheese. Finally transfer the risotto to the plates and complete with a spoon of cherry vinegar glaze.