The La Cà dal Lauv estate product portfolio consists of 5 types: Premium cherry vinegar, Reserve cherry vinegar, Cigar, Corrado vinegar and Cherry Vinegar Pearls.

The Premium has 8 years of aging (available in the dual 100ml and 250ml version) and is the youngest in the family. A bit sour, fresher by virtue of his youth. Suitable, for example, for salads, for blending roast, for sweet and sour fish or sweet and sour peppers.

The Riserva has 12 years of aging (available only in the 100ml version) and is the most balanced, neither too young nor too old. Suitable, for example, for risottos, fresh and seasoned cheeses, yoghurt, beef and veal cutlet, meat and fish tartare, boiled, ice cream, various pastries.

The Cigar is available in the 40ml version. Especially suitable (but not limited to) for cigar smokers.

In smoking an important cigar, it is known that shortly after the smoker begins to feel a certain tingling in the mouth. This is due to the contact between the saliva and the tobacco smoke that generates, on a chemical level, a basic solution. The fixed acidity of our vinegar has a double effect: it contrasts the basic effect, nullifying it and at the same time leaving in the mouth a pleasant fruity cherry flavor allowing cigar smokers to continue to enjoy it.

The Corrado, also known as Riserva Gold and available in the 100 ml version, is creamy, dense, extremely precious, delicate, rich in values ​​such as family, hard work and traditionalism. Perfect for garnishing, for example, appetizers, salmon croutons, seasoned cheeses, meat and fish main courses, raw vegetables, fresh fruit, pastry and ice cream, creative cuisine.

The Pearls are made with molecular cooking (available in 50gr format) and represent an addition of flavor with a touch of class, a perfect combination of taste and elegance. Inside them, there is the vinegar aged 8 years but the peculiarity of them lies in the fact that in crushing them against the palate rather than feeling the harshness of young vinegar you will feel the cherry; it’s a very transversal product, ideal for appetizers, finger-food, eggs, croutons, bruschetta, risotto, tartare, braised meat, fish and meat main courses, pastry .. and also in a glass of prosecco or champagne for an aperitif.

Dual purpose: decorative and taste.