It seems easy to make a grappa of cherries: what does it take? Just make them ferment and then distill everything. But it’s not really like that, you have to know how to do it and, above all, seize the right moments.

Mr. Bozzetto waited too long and the must was acetifying; attending the guru of the traditional balsamic vinegar it was now clear how it was too late to recover that must by following their techniques, but, as a bolt from the blue, appeared Walter Iten, a great researcher, scholar and scientist, known in the world thanks to Biohumin (a preparation of microorganisms without synthetic chemistry). Leo knew him in his continuous wandering for work around Europe.

Hold it there – he said – we make a big vinegar. I can develop a mother with a long history, even brought by Marco Polo at the end of 1200 ..

The cherry vinegar Ca ‘dal Lauv was born after so many tests, taking advantage of the experiences of the Modena and the scientific intuitions of Walter Iten; but the decisive help came from the greatest producer and cook present on Earth, time.

Our nectar is dark red as the most valuable Durone Nero di Vignola, dense and enveloping, fragrant, with a balance between acidity and sweetness, an extraordinary resource to season from appetizer to dessert, a panacea for our body, a concentrate of pleasure for the 5 senses. This and much more.

When we are a bit ‘down, a bit’ bored, thoughtful .. there is only one solution: a teaspoon of cherry vinegar and we are now fine, with ourselves and the world!