After a first victory at the 2012 edition, we’re proud to have won a new prize.

Agrifood section – EVERgreen Sfiziosità Award

A new product was introduced, the cigar, a vinegar aged 25 years with a very low volatile acidity and a high fixed acidity to eliminate the discomfort felt when smoking a cigar.

You read that right, we talk about cigars!! As you know, our cherry vinegar is perfect to accompany any creation in the kitchen and also has benefits for our body. But not only!

It is the natural solution for all cigar smokers who want to get rid of that particular tingling in their mouth once and for all due to the contact between saliva and tobacco smoke. Generally this annoyance, if this can be defined, is covered by drinking over whiskey or rum. But why resort to a palliative when you can have the definitive solution at hand?

The contact between these two elements generates, at the chemical level, a basic solution which is precisely eliminated (and not covered) by the particular acidity of the cigar. Cigar lovers can therefore continue to enjoy their Toscanello, Cohiba, Partagàs, Fuente, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Davidoff, Macanudo etc.

From today the world of cigar or pipe smokers can benefit from a new product, perhaps the last missing piece to have the real pleasure, the true taste of smoking; thanks to a brilliant idea that we can define taste engineering. This is a cherry balsamic vinegar with ad hoc characteristics: very little volatile acidity, noticeable fixed acidity, a very persistent intense fruity taste whose intake in minimal doses, cancels the alkaline or basic effect caused by tobacco smoke with saliva. The contact between these two elements creates a little discomfort to the tongue and to the mouth contrasted or better covered with rum, whiskey or other alcoholic drinks. With this product, the effect disappears allowing the person to enjoy the cigar in a way that is much more enjoyable than before.

The words of the owner, Leo Bozzetto, after the award ceremony