I taste good delicious things.

Different foods by nature, type, production method, origin. All expression of an individuality that is a priority claim of those who think and realize them. Individuality, on the one hand an increasingly resolute response to the (still) pressing attempts of standardization, from the other, effective mean (the most effective) of protection from plagiarism, from illusory imitations.

Where the earth and honesty are protagonists, there is no room for inventions or deception.

                                                                  (Gian Arturo Rota)

Here is a review of our vinegar. The article entitled “What good products!” was written by Gian Arturo rota.

The real name is Condimento, in fact a vinegar, in its own way “balsamic”, based on cherry vinegar. Cherries by Vignola. Bright amber color, soft, mineral scent, sweet and sour taste, good natural acidity and personality, moderate density. I tried it on fish (crustaceans), white meats, mixed vegetables and omelettes with vegetables (with the last two types, the best match).

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