Mr. Bozzetto, owner of the company, can, without fear, be called a child of Europe; of Venetian-Friulian lineage, he studied and worked around Europe conquering it initially with his wonderful majolica stoves from Sassuolo.

Here, he is easily integrated thanks to his passion for the roar of the engines on the road and the thrill of flying, his work in ceramics and good food.

Soon he became a Friulian of Modena, discovering and appreciating all the hidden wonders of these lands.

Among these stand out Vignola cherries, the most valuable, the most famous internationally.

Every day considerable quantities of cherries not conforming to Vignola’s standards (those cherries that are so good and fresh in the day but not aesthetically perfect to be sold), resulting from a severe manual selection, are destinated for industrial processing; Leo’s Swiss past rebelled against such a waste, the Austrian one brought him back to a good glass of Kirsch, his Friulianity gave him the solution: why not distill them?